July 27, 2022

About the Workshop

Translating Europe Workshop (TEW) Ethics in the Era of Machine Translation brings the concerns of ethics into the changing scenery of translator’s/interpreter’s workplace and into the translation industry and public domain. It covers the range of questions from interrelations of the participants in the translation process when that is affected by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the platform economy, to the very question of ethics of Machine Translation (MT).

How much does the mechanisation of the translator’s work affect relations between clients, agencies/institutions, and translators/revisors? How do changing working conditions affect translators’/interpreters’ job satisfaction? Who is responsible for the reliability of the output when MT is used? Is MT being designed empathetically? How do companies, institutions and people in the public domain use MT? Do translators and users of MT trust it? How does this growing engagement with MT by companies and translation users change the role and visibility of translator/interpreter? What is the future of Translator/Interpreter Education and human translation in this rapidly digitalising world?

New technologies raise new ethical challenges. The participants of TEW seek to investigate how translation professionals can help in solving those tasks, and when MT could be used or perhaps should not be used at all.

Translating Europe Workshop Ethics in the Era of Machine Translation is held as part of International Conference Translation, Ideology, Ethics: Response and Credibility.


Assoc. prof. dr. Joss Moorkens, Dublin City University, Ireland

Simultaneous interpreting to English and Lithuanian will be provided for the Workshop presentations.

The Workshop is sponsored by the Directorate-General for Translation, European Commission.